The Texas “Abortion Law”

A recent abortion law in Texas bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and allows anyone to sue abortion providers. This law flies in the face of women’s democratic rights that were won since the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v Wade, it also makes the law unconstitutional, yet the Supreme Court has declined to take action against the law; it is the duty of the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutional rights of women in America. Yet, as we can see, the Supreme Court has shown that it isn’t willing to stand up for women who’re now under duress.

It is clear that religious biases have been entrenched into our local and national governments for years; it’s clear that we currently need to fight for a separation of church and state that treats religion as a individual private affair. Any attempt to encroach upon the rights of others becomes the business of others. Who shall stand up for working women in America, surely not the Republicans who, surely not the Democrats who talk of resistance, yet when conflict rises, they collapse and allow our hard earned rights to be eroded. Both parties have clearly shown the only “people” they fight for, are those of Wall Street and big industries.

What working women need is a government that provides financial and social support when it comes to abortions; when pregnancy becomes a risk to a woman’s health, or becomes life threatening; when accidental conception becomes occurs and the woman is in no desire to carry out pregnancy. Here is what women can do to take action.

Women have a rich progressive history in America and worldwide, we must struggle to advance and defend democratic rights won by working women. No to the erosion of working women’s rights! No to patriarchy!