Women and Climate Change

Recently a heat wave has occurred in America, marking temperatures of over 100 degrees (F). The effects of this heat has caused severe cases of heat stress and stroke, with several people dying from it. Yet nothing meaningful is being done to address the situation that we are not only facing right now, but one we will be facing more of in the future.

After all, the United States Government and the corporations it serves have been the main cause for pollution of our environment; leading to the climate index that we are at now. In fact, the United States military is the #1 polluter, with constant wars being fought for oil and other natural resources, use of atomic weaponry and constant destruction of nature. The United States also lacks proper legislation to hold corporations accountable for their negative environmental impact, in fact, Congress has worked to ease regulations in place for these big corporations, leading to the acceleration of our climate crisis.

Currently women, including older women, have been suffering health wise throughout this heat wave. Women in agriculture have been forced to work at night to avoid the brutal heat, which carries its own risks. Supervisors have refused women the proper breaks to avoid getting heat stroke, leaving those to perish for profit.

Women who work minimum wage and are unable to get healthcare, are left to take care of themselves. Our care system for older women has been left neglected and starved, all due to the neoliberal policies over the years. Right now we need to address the climate crisis with no further delay, further delay will only cost more lives and leave us with a world that is becoming less habitable.

We demand:

  1. Reducing the war budget and placing the money towards human needs
  2. A federal healthcare service to all regardless of income
  3. Boosting the care system for older women
  4. Stronger environmental regulations that carry higher penalties
  5. A shift to a cleaner energy system

At WREE we are committed to fighting against the injustice being done to, not only women, but the entire working class. There is a choice between sacrificing our environment and health for profit, or the option of dismantling big business once and for all; where workers alike are in control of everyday society. WREE is one of the ways women in the workforce can fight to make a life saving difference for all working people.